Thai Actress Aom Sucharat Manaying: The Next Asian Face To Watch

22 ส.ค.

Stills from her latest movie “Yes or No”

Showing up for appointments on time in Bangkok is always a challenge. What with the congested traffic and the newly fallen tropical rain, somehow I miraculously managed to show up more or less on time for my meeting with the up and coming actress Sucharat Manaying, or Aom as she is more commonly known. When I arrived at the Thann café at the Paragon, she was already cozily sipping an herbal tea with her manager.

Her story is atypical of a young girl from a small up-country town coming to the big city in search of her dreams. She always knew she wanted to act and so she came to the Thai capital to study acting.  She received her degree from the Faculty of Communicating Art at the Srinakharinwirot University, majoring in performing art and directing.  Her first break came when she landed a hosting job with Channel 3 on Thai television.  She was one of the 12 hosts on the show “Strawberry Cheesecake.”

However, after one year of being on television, she felt compelled to pursue bigger and more exciting things.  She auditioned for the on-stage production of an adapted Broadway play “La Cage aux Follies” and landed the lead role.

“I had to try very hard for the audition because everyone wanted the lead,” Aom explained, “but I really wanted something different from working as a host on television and therefore, I gave it all I got for the role.”

Things seem to be picking up momentum since her stint on stage for the young actress. She recently landed another lead role in the up-coming feature movie “Yes or No,” playing a girl caught up in a relationship with another girl.

“The girl I play in the new movie is completely different from who I am and I found the role challenging,” she explains.  “But I really liked the story and it is very rare for someone so new in the business to be given such a great role.  I didn’t even really worry about whether the role will affect how people look at me, instead I worried if I didn’t play the role convincing enough.”

To better prepare herself for the role, Aom attended workshops with her co-actress and tried to get into her character by understanding homosexuality.


“In the end, the movie is not about homosexuality or lesbianism, but about the universal theme of ‘love’,” Aom muses.

Aom is now touring Asia; Taiwan, China and Hong Kong in particular, to promote “Yes or No.”  Everything seems to be happening so fast for the young girl, and at times she finds it a bit overwhelming.  “I am representing not only myself and my Management Company but also Thailand when I travel abroad.  So I want to be sure I am ready for all the new things I will meet and experience in the future.”

And what’s her biggest gift to the world?

“My smile!” she giggles.  “Thailand is known for our smiles and I am confident I can impress people with my great smile!”

She is a very confident girl, and at the age of only 23, she is definitely ready to take on the world.  She is also looking forward for a chance to work with international superstars Gong Li and Zhang Zhiyi.

She is already working on a new action movie with Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer.  I am sure, it will not be long before seeing her name amongst the top ranks of Asian actresses.

“Believe and have faith in love!” is her newfound motto since working on “Yes or No,” and I am confident that she will be the next face for many of us to love in the coming future!

Aom (Sucharat Manaying) with her co-actress (Tina) Supanart Jittaleela





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